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kaZantip features a mix of artists like no other: talented dancers, artists and performers with the most varied backgrounds and show men and women presenting wild X-stunts. creative energy is definitely in the air and the unspoilt setting is nothing less than a spetacular source of inspiration for artists and audiences.

inspire and let be inspired: “b U!”

from sunrise to sunset, kaZantip is a celebration of self-expression. performing artists, with their original concepts, costumes, moves and innovative vision, are the ultimate incarnation of our motto “b U! be happy, have fun and enjoy life !”. each performer, in his or her own way, represents the colourful spirit of this wild party meant for party and action lovers. so, create big and bring it on!

this unique festival runs 2 — 5 entire weeks in the summer! U can be a part of this massive event, joining performing artists from all over the world and spreading joy while enjoying yourself. it's going to be out of this world and we'll make sure to welcome you as a special guest:

how to join kaZantip as an artist/performer

we are really excited and honored to get to know you and your art, so the first thing to do is to introduce yourself to our community. the community is an amazing crowd of music, arts and extreme action lovers. showcasing yourself here means spreading the word about your talent to a huge number of people devoted to creativity in many levels. also, it's a truly open platform to boost your career. why wait?

step 1: login with your Facebook or VKontakte account and register as an Artist. do not forget to mention your art form and to upload pictures and videos to your profile.

step 2: give yourself a Like including a comment so that your friends know about your application for the kaZantip festival.

how to share your photos and videos:

there are 2 ways to share videos with the community: you tube or vimeo. both offer standard membership for free.

photos and videos shared on can be seen and voted by a large audience. be ready for the input and make sure to showcase your best ! ! !

please note that sharing videos and photos does not mean that you'll automatically be invited to perform.

there is NO deadline to accreditate yourself !