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Open air dance floors, cool bars, electronic music and happy people

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There are different dance floors inside the kaZantip party land and each is more eye-catching and spectacular than the other. One floor is situated on a platform over the lake, i.e. directly above the water. another is in a huge circus tent. A further one, built in the style of a flying saucer, is to be found ten metres above the beach. And still another resembles a Roman coliseum etc... In a nutshell:

“Simply out — of — this — world!"

some of those floors are

the befooZ Dancefloor is one of the latest floors created in 2013

the DarkSide Dancefloor is one of the latest floors created in 2010

the Heaven Dancefloor is one of the latest floors created in 2008

the Faberge Dancefloor is one of the latest floors created in 2006


The sleeping arras are located in quit zones on the areal but you can reach all dance floors in kaZantip within 5–10 minutes walking distance. On several the music plays non-stop 22 hours a day (they are closed for just two hours between 9 & 11 pm). This means that within the kaZantip party land grounds you can lie on the beach during the day near to your preferred dance floor and enjoy the sun whilst listening to your favourite music being played in optimum quality.

The other dance floors start up around 11 pm in the evening and wind down at around 10 a.m. in the morning. For the majority of the paradiZers (guests) the most exciting time to be there is between midnight and 8 am as the most talented DJs in the kaZantip community are at the turntables during this time.

Normaly just one particular style of music is played on each dance floor per evening/night/morning. Either techno, trance, minimal, drum and bass, electro, house etc... As you can see there is something for every music taste. And you can choose the kind of music you want to hear according to your mood.

The visitors are all very relaxed, zany, lively, dance-mad young people who just want to party, have fun and be happy. They are mostly a bunch of Europeans, Americans, Russians and the other nationalities. all are very sociable, often bilingual and enjoy being with like-minded people who want to party, dance and spread a little happiness.

Around 50% of the visitors are couples who want to spend their stay together. The remaining 50% are unattached and, like all single people in the world, enjoy getting to know anyone who is open to a flirt and meeting new people. in 2011 the percentage of female to male visitors was 54% girls and 46% guys.

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