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The simple rules of love and the Criminal Code of kaZantip

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There is no simple or fast sex in kaZantip.

  • In the kaZantip party land we celebrate love.
  • Be polite, appreciate each other and respect NO’s.
  • Give love and make love for free. There is no fee for love.
  • Love does not know any barriers, neither languages nor boarders.
  • The usage of brains and condoms is recommend as everywhere else.

Remember Article #17 from our constitution

«On the territory of the party land love in all it kinds is welcome, excluding sexual breach of limits, prostitution or offensive behavior. The institution of fast married validates relations between kaZantip party land citizens. The citizens who have fallen in love with each other can enter into fast marriage (union in heaven), i.e. have a ceremony of fast married. Unions in heaven is not limited in number or gender. The marriage is valid for however long love lasts.»
Read our entire Constitution. A must for everybody !

The Criminal Code of kaZantip


  1. Peeing in an unapproved place is considered as a crime within the kaZantip party land. Citizen who didn’t manage to run up to the nearest public toilet will be arrested by the security guards, fined and deported from the republic.
  2. Incitement of ethnic hatred and unleashing of chauvinistic sentiments within the kaZantip party land is considered one of the most enormous offences against the national ideology which aims to achieve the world supremacy through peaceful means i.e. through accumulation the brightest, the most cheerful and genial people from the entire planet. Citizens seen sabotaging the hospitality policy will be arrested by the morality police of the kaZantip party land and deported ruthlessly regardless of their status or ethnicity...
  3. Sexual harassment and caddish behavior towards female citizens of the kaZantip party land, however easy to get they may look, is penalized under the criminal code as severely as any other crime — with deportation. Besides, despite the prevailing atmosphere of free and easy nudism, promiscuous sexual relations in an inappropriate places are by no means welcome in kaZantip.

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