kaZantip viZa, kaZantip ticket or multipass

summer and winter kaZantip

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kaZantip Republic

kaZantip is not really a independent or separate country, but visiting it requires «a one-time viZa or multipass», which is similar to an entrance ticket. Each one time viZa or multipass covers only one person.

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A one-time viZa gives you the right to cross the kaZantip boarders one time, breathing the air of freedom. You can lie on the beach, meet a special girl or boy, swim in the warm sea, enjoy drinking in the local bars. You will see the beautiful sunset, and hear well-known DJs. You can dance all day and night. Actually you can stay inside with your one-time viZa as long as you want in kaZantip without crossing the border. the one-time viZa can be bought only at place.

The multipass/multiple viZa is valid for the whole season and gives you the right to enter and leave «kaZantip» as often as you wish. By buying this multipass, you automatically become an official citizen of kaZantip. The multipass is issued online or at the viZa department directly next to the entrance. They will take your picture and put your information in database of the kaZantip citizens. You will receive the plastic card with an bar code on it. If you lose the card you can always get it replaced — by and saying your first name and second name, showing your passport, and paying a sort of fine. No one is allowed to use your multipass except you. Once the terminal scans your bar code, you are ready to rock and roll but be careful, otherwise you might lose your money, sun glasses, phone or underwear as well as your head and mind.

Tickets are never sold out and can be bought 24h at place in front of the kaZantip areal.
A one time ticket, also called one time viZa costs from 80€.
A multipass, also called multi viZa costs from 160€.

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