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the carnival time • the meeting of day and night • like an addiction, giving up smoking is easier! • the magnet of life which never lets you go • the republic of international fun-loving society • is paradise without moralistic restrictions • the land of warmth and light • the great game that can’t be understood from the sidelines but only from “above" or “within" • the one place in the world where you have pure adrenalin instead of blood in your veins • the bright side of life • the experience of true happiness the tunnel into the world of beauty and freedom • unique and the source of terrific memories for the whole year • what helps you survive the long winter, lets spring fly by and gives summer an identity • an approach to life for which you wait patiently and look forward to the whole year • the coolest country on earth. I want to stay there forever • like the nightmare you always wish for...

...real virtual happiness • chill out of my life • the only true freedom outdoors • the more you eat, the bigger your appetite • the captivity of the senses on a kind of island of happiness • the place where people blossom • the only virus which doesn’t make you ill but you still can’t recover from • the eternal wish to return • blissful happiness in compressed form • the only chance to experience paradise while you are still alive • a state for which it is worth being patriotic • sun, sea and sand. Food, drink and bikini-clad goddesses • the only state in which people can live and have a rest at the same time • the only place where you wouldn’t notice the end of the world • the way of life • professionally organised madness • unknown, different and enthralling each time • far removed from normal civilisation leading to a huge shock on return • the suspension of rules and restrictions • the place where happiness and joy are unending.

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