kaZantip love affairs

the simple rules of love

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kaZantip 2017 from 14th July till 14th August - Anaklia !!!
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not just sex - but Love!

  • in the kaZantip party land we celebrate love.
  • be polite, appreciate each other and respect NO’s.
  • give and enjoy love for free. there is no fee for love.
  • love does not know any barriers, neither languages nor boarders.
  • the usage of brains and condoms is recommend as everywhere else.

remember Article #11 from our constitution

«upon the territory of the republic love in all its kinds is welcome. excluding sexual violation of borders, prostitution or offensive behavior! the institution of fast married validates relations between kaZantip citizens. citizens who have fallen in love with each other can enter into a fast marriage (union in heaven), i.e. have a ceremony of fast married. unions in heaven are not limited in number or gender. marriages are valid for however long the love lasts.»
read the entire constitution. a must for everybody !

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