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sometimes kaZantip may happen in Hong Kong, Sydney, New York, Rio, Cape Town or wherever you dream of... next stop Anaklia !!!

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summer kaZantip 2017 in Georgia

Anaklia is the name of the idyllic seaside location where kaZantip stays. It is a small, sleepy village where not much goes on when the kaZantip guests aren’t visiting. Anaklia, however, has one of the longest, widest, cleanest and most beautiful beaches on the whole black sea. It is the place to experience the most incredible sunsets on the black sea. The water has a low salt content and is therefore particularly mild. It is crystal-clear and exceptionally clean.

Anaklia is just under two hours drive from the airport at Kutaisi (KUT), and a bit more from the airports in Batumi (BUS) or Tbilisi (TBS). Georgia remains the top address on the asian part of the black sea for sun worshippers from all states of the former Soviet Union as well as the whole of Europe.

the best ways to get to kaZantip

kaZantip is a hidden paradise that requires some effort on your part in order to arrive at this beautiful festival. for those many years that we had guests from all over the world at kaZantip, no one has regretted the amazing journey.
except those who have traveled by car or bus...

cheap flights to Kutaisi

the best way to reach kaZantip is to fly to the closest airport Kutaisi (KUT).

find cheap flights to Kutaisi (KUT), Batumi (BUS) or Tbilisi (TBS) by using the flight ticket search engine “Jetradar” or book with “Wizzair” directly or with “FlyUIA” to Kutaisi (KUT) from airports like Berlin, Dortmund, Munich, Miland, Budapest, Kiev, Warsaw and many more and benefit from super cheap flight prices to Georgia.

from the airport you can drive by taxi or bus to Anaklia. for a cheap ride share a taxi with friends or strangers.

where to sleep, hotel, room or tent

we advice to book a room with us or find cheap and comfortable rooms, hostels or hotels direct at place in Anaklia. accommodations are starting from 20 Euro per day.

with a daily temperature of around 30 35°C in July and August the climate tends to be hot and dry. an almost constant sea breeze makes the heat easily bearable. in the night the temperatures seldom sink below 18°C. the water temperature averages a pleasant 20 25°C. statistics show that there is a 97% chance of good sunny weather at this time of year.

average prices for food & drinks

living costs are low in Georgia. you only need around 12-20€ a day for breakfast and two fairly simple hot meals with mineral water. at the bars in the kaZantip party areal a beer will set you back the equivalent of 2€, a cocktail around 4€ and a glass of vodka 2€. the most expensive drink of all is a b-52 or a sambucco for around 6€. the prices on the kaZantip party areal vary from bar to bar and dance floor to dance floor. comparing prices is recommended.

count to spend 400€ and more per week for drinks and food to be able to enjoy your kaZantip holiday without counting every cent. with less than that sum you won’t be able to have real fun. some of our guests, depending on their drinking habits, party real hard and spend up to 1000€ and even more...

travel tips and general infos

  • Europeans and citizen from Russia, Ukraine, USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia and many more countries do not need any visa to Georgia. here is a list with all visa free countries. citizen from countries who need a visa can apply for it electronically. your passport must be valid for at least 7 months.
  • you can use your mobile/cell phone throughout Anaklia and on the beach.
  • there are only a few bank cashpoint in Anaklia. therefore, we recommend that you bring sufficient cash for the whole of your stay.
  • cash in the form of Georgien Lari (GEL) is the accepted form of payment in Anaklia and the kaZantip party grounds, in all the dance floors, bars and restaurants.
  • bring a light sweater with you in case it gets a little cooler in the evenings. light summer clothing and sandals are sufficient otherwise. most guests wear flip-flops or high heels even for dancing in the evenings.
  • you will also need a high-protection sunscreen, as the sun is particularly strong at the black sea. avoid the midday sun!

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