Z beauty – will save the world

wanna be the new Queen of kaZantip ?

some of the hottest beauties in the world will gather at kaZantip. then, just like a wish come true, the fairest of them all will be crowned as Z Queens and reign over the kaZantip Party Land, each for an entire week!

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new "Z" Beauty

Sign in lovely & beautiful girls who do not hesitate to join our community as a kaZantip beauty and who obtain votes will have the chance to get chosen and receive unlimited attention and love!

  1. sign in with Facebook or VKontakte on our site,
  2. choose profile type «Beauty» in your Settings,
  3. upload an avatar which represents you best,
  4. upload at least 5 pictures of yourself.
    the more pictures you upload — the higher the chances!
  5. spread the link of your profile all over your social networks so that your friends know about your «Beauty» application for kaZantip.

in your hands is a chance to have an unforgettable vacation as well as to become famous & enter the long history of the most fantastic festival in the world as the Queen of kaZantip!

the Queen and her retinue

the kaZantip reign has over 100.000m2 and lots of wonderful people, so it simply must have its own government. at the head of the kaZantip party land government lies the Z Queen. she is elected directly at the festival of kaZantip by the universal vote of the citizens, who will present the title to the most vivid and hot girls registered as a beauties.

the Coronation ceremony

once a week the most breathtaking beauties visiting kaZantip will be invited to participate in the Z Queen contest. this beauty & popularity competition, to be held on the Love Bridge, is expected to draw the attention of thousands of visitors willing to witness the exciting coronation ceremony.

besides dazzling the subjects of the kaZantip Party Land with good looks and grace, the only condition to participate in the contest is to be a registered member of the kaZantip community. who will be the fairest and most popular of them all? it will take a journey to kaZantip to find out.

each lady crowned kaZantip Queen will reign for a week. her majesty will form her own government of three princesses and one prince, who in turn will also be nominated among the beauties & beaus registered in our community. both her majesty and her court will receive many benefits for the celebration of her status and influence: some rules of parties, banquets and, what’s more — for them there will be free drinks!

if her majesty wishes to constitute her reign with her friends, they must register in our community as beaus and beauties.
So... just click the button, your majesty!​​