Z spirit – kaZantip spirit and philosophy

kaZantip is one of the longest, craziest, liveliest and most unusual electronic music and sports festivals in the world...

kaZantip is cult. kaZantip is amazing. kaZantip is breathtaking. kaZantip is mind-blowing. kaZantip is quite simply paradise​...​
kaZantip is ​about living your dreams !!!

​kaZantip is all about living your dreams. kaZantip is an imaginary place where you can escape for a limited time during your summer holidays from the problems and limitations of the real world while listening to great music from hundreds of talented DJ's dancing all time long. pushing adrenalin in to your veins on the X Sports areal. or just relaxing while chilling out and celebrating happiness.

put simply, kaZantip is a resort of almost 100.000m2 situated directly on the mediterranean sea. the areal contains exquisitely designed dancefloors, bars and lounges, playground for X Sports, dedicated areas for accommodation and separate parking space.

​​enough room for you?

thousands of young people, mostly between 20 and 35 years old, come together and transform into "paradiZers" at the kaZantip party land. they travel from all over Europe, Russia, Ukraine and the rest of the world to live the dream of partying peacefully day and night accompanied by the turntables of the most talented DJs in the kaZantip community. listening to music, dancing, meeting new people, having fun together is the number one priority in kaZantip. anything you need can be found on this areal. from a peaceful chill-out area to VIP accommodations and services, from pro x-sports facilities to the coolest water toys you've ever seen.

regarding sports activities, an inviting playground of 25.000m2 awaits you and your friends with some of the craziest facilities you've ever seen. if you're a pro, you can compete for prize money at the X games. If you're just looking for pure sports fun, prepare to have a blast at our X playground!

the kaZantip philosophy

the self-contained complex can only be entered and exited through one gate. however, kaZantip is not simply referred to as a holiday complex but has been symbolically proclaimed an independent “republic”.

it has its own government leaded by a queen, its own foreign ministry (communication with the imperfect world outside) with its own ministers (ministers of happiness, dance and rave, intellect, visuals and illusions etc.) and laws.
by far the most important law to obey is:

„b U!“
be happy, have fun ​- enjoy life!

at kaZantip everyone who has bought a multipass, gets a virtual citizens of the party land with all its rights and obligations. citizens who play against the rules (constitution) of kaZantip, lose their multipass and are sent back to the imperfect world. those that need to be repeatedly sent back, will be barred for life from entering the party land.

however, everyone else can keep the multipass for life and gets the chance to acquire every year an new multipass and participate on the lifestyle and spirit of kaZantip. it belongs to the cult, to wear the multipass from the past years like trophies.