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over by now - keep believing & it'll be !
это всё ещё не всё = t.me/axiom_z

#kaZantip ​Sun! Music! BEAUTY!

kaZantip does not exist...
never ever really did !!!
all were waiting for something...
...and still are waiting for )))

​waiting till eternity...!!!

​kaZantip may sometimes happen in Hong Kong, Sydney, New York, Rio, Cape Town or wherever you can dream of...


kaZantip... Line-Up Line-Up where is the Line-Up...?
kaZantip doesn't need a Line-Up with those DJ stars
kaZantip makes talented DJ's to stars...
so fuck the line UP !!!

2 for 1

every girl or woman with any kind of kaZantip Pass has the right to bring her girlfriend with her for free, the girlfriend will get its own EntryPass, as long as both got authorized by our face control.
registered Beauties & Fans with detailed profiles can get approved in advance and are egible to get a free MultiPass or PriorityPass analog to the Pass of their girlfriend...!
furthermore a registered Beauty has the chance to get elected directly at the festival as the Z Queen for an entire week with special privileges. read the kaZantip Beauty rules.2 Join & Sign in

be free — go «Z» — b U!

warning outbreak — virus kaZantipus

be warned !!!
kaZantip is a virus that does not let you go )))
there is NO cure and if...
you would refuse !!!

before you come to kaZantip - you have to understand what's happening here. the main asset of kaZantip is, what distinguishes it from the rest of the world, a special kind of people inhabiting it. scientists engaged in the study of the phenomenon of kaZantip found out that, besides music, sea, sun, light and love the kaZantip virus plays a major part. the kaZantip virus is responsible for the mutation from a homo sapiens to a homo happyone and finally to a homo paradiZer.
other questions that scientists have to research are: what is going on in the head of a paradiZer, which is not like others? what does the feeling of happiness allow him to experience anew? what organs feel this happiness? and from where this happiness is taken from?

another sphere & dimension

kaZantip is all about living your dreams. kaZantip is an imaginary place where you can escape for a limited time during your summer holidays from the problems and limitations of the real world while listening to great music form hundredths of talented DJ’s dancing all time long. pushing adrenalin in to your veins on the X Sports areal... or just relaxing while chilling out, celebrating happiness and enjoying life. read more about the specific kaZantip spirit here.

kaZantip rules and constitution

kaZantip has its own rules, traditions, conventions, habits, ceremonies and celebrations where you can get familiar with here. and if you wanna get a real insider we strongly advice you to read the kaZantip constitution including the kaZantip love affairs.