Z rules – it is clear that nothing is clear !

​​the rules, traditions, conventions, habits, ceremonies and celebrations at kaZantip

​one thing is known about the kaZantip party land: the fact that very little is announced in advance.

​the dates for other numerous amazing ceremonies and celebrations are not fixed long in advance. they’re announced on short notice by the queen of the kaZantip party land & then publicized throughout the complex (sometimes the announcement is made only a few hours before the event). it goes without saying that we make sure to keep our guests (paradiZers) up to date with the latest information as of their arrival. in short: no need to worry, you’ll always know what is happening, where and when. at first, you may think that this is hard to get used to. however, it is this constant surprise factor that experienced paradiZers have loved the most in previous editions.

​​​kaZantip is not about line-up’s.
kaZantip is meant for you to «b U!»

​on most festivals the same headliners always play the same sets — not so here...
kaZantip is about sports, lifestyle, devotion to rich music — not about line-up’s! however we got one — with taste and lots of passion for you selected and booked. but in any case the below rule is always in charge!

​the spirit of kaZantip goes way beyond a line-up of famous DJ’s, which means that there is no fixed DJ line-up here. in kaZantip it is usual for DJs to remain at the turntables if the music is great. however, if the music played is not going down well for the citizens of the kaZantip party land, it will be time to give another talented DJ a shot at making kaZantip history!

the abbreviation “Z”

​everything in this world that is really “cool” is abbreviated. as a result, our paradiZers decided to come up with an abbreviation for kaZantip. the capital “Z” in the “kaZantip” logotype was considered worthy enough to the carry the burden of abbreviation. so as all initiated paradiZers know, capital “Z” equals kaZantip.

„b U!“

​you will come across this expression repeatedly in kaZantip. the expression «b U!» means «be happy, have fun and enjoy life !» and is anchored in the republic’s charter. its unconventional grammatical and orthographic form means that it won’t be found in any dictionary. however, its meaning is fixed and readily comprehensible. it reflects the whole kaZantip philosophy and each guest lives it, communicates it in some way and, most importantly, passes it on from the heart.

god save the «Z» queen

the most liked beauties on kaZantip’s community will be crowned as kaZantip queens. each beauty queen gets to rule for a week and form her own court, with 3 princesses and a princ nominated among other members registered as beauties & beaus.

queens, princesses and princ will party for free the party land and receive all benefits, so they can properly celebrate their status and influence. if you think you are up to the task of reigning the party land, the first thing to do is to become a member of the kaZantip community.

Fast married

official weddings take place in kaZantip party land once a week. the fact that the marriage is only recognized in the kaZantip party land doesn’t bother the happy couples. the ceremony takes place at twilight, on the love bridge, and attracts a huge crowd of spectators willing to share the happiness of the occasion. the marriage ceremony is performed individually or simultaneously for all the couples. the ritual is sealed with the affixation of a love-lock to kaZantip’s love bridge.

anyone can get married, as often as they want, to whomever they want, whether male or female. registration is not required. you just need to turn up on day x and be willing to lead your partner down the path to happiness. the marriage is valid for however long love lasts & no single day more.

all the brides appear at the ceremony in beautiful, very eye-catching, mostly self-made bridal gowns with, of course, veils or other stunning and original headdresses. it goes without saying that the men make an effort to keep up with the brides. but then again who can compete with god-given beauty?

X sports extreme scene

people come to kaZantip to live their wildest dreams, whichever they may be. that’s why a big part of the kaZantip areal is totally dedicated to celebrate X sports and X entertainment. pros, amateurs, sports addicts and pretty much everyone else will have a blast on the festival’s park for X sports.